Sportco, a trademark of BIZCOM, is committed to preserving the confidentiality and security of the personal information of all visitors to the site. As part of this commitment, we wish to let all visitors of our pages know what information we collect, why we collect them and what their destination is. We invite you to read this privacy statement so that you can find answers to your questions in this area

Before we continue, we need to explain a few things about how our web pages work.

On these pages, Sportco collects information in three ways.

  1. First, we passively collect information that is automatically sent to our server via your Internet browsing software. This information is essentially composed of the IP address assigned by your ISP when you open your Internet session and the language used for your Internet browser software. We use the information transmitted, for purely statistical purposes, in order to know the pages you visit on our site, the site you visited before arriving at ours… This data is then compiled and analyzed to better understand the navigation behavior of our Internet users and to offer them information in line with their expectations.
  2. Second, we get information about you by installing a personal marker on your computer. This marker is commonly called “cookie” and allows us to save you time from your second connection by directing you to the language you have previously chosen. The cookie will save your last choices. Your computer can be specially configured to reject cookies; Please review your browser application For more information about this.
  3. Thirdly, we collect information on these pages when you decide to contact us or to answer the questionnaires we put at your disposal. If you send us an email, you voluntarily give us information. If you answer the questions we have put on line, you also voluntarily give us this information. (You may decide not to answer these questions; If you do not respond, you can still continue your visit. However, some actions will be impossible) if you order from a page, such data also includes your name, your shipping address and your product selection (s). We can send you commercial, promotional or marketing information.

The contents of the messages or replies as well as any other information generated by your computer such as your e-mail address, belong to Sportco, trademark of BIZCOM.

Sportco may use any information collected on its website (other than credit card information) for any legal purpose, including the analysis of statistical or historical information, their storage for the purpose of allowing you to Come back more easily to this page later and access to this information in order to contact you in the future to offer you services and products likely to interest you.

For your convenience, the pages of our site may contain some hyperlinks leading to other Sportco pages as well as to sites outside Sportco. Although Sportco applies a privacy policy on its pages, it cannot promise or guarantee with respect to the collection of data on pages and sites associated with hyperlinks. We therefore recommend that you carefully read the privacy policy of each site you visit.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding how we can make this site more useful or for any concern regarding our use of your personal information, please contact Sportco via the “Contact” section of our Site.